In the years I have been doing this project, I’ve gotten the chance to meet numerous artists, collectors, and curious “average” folk. What we are doing is sort of counter-counter culture, which intrigues a lot of different types of people, and through this process, I’ve gotten the chance to talk art with some very insightful and brilliant minds.

By joining up, you’re making a stand against taggers who think scribbling a name onto a sticker or scratching their name is art or respectable when there are so many real artists just wanting a place to express themselves. As a stickerstealer, you have a chance to give taggers, as well as real artists, a venue to display their work, and in a positive way.

There are many artists, but only a few art collectors by comparison. At the rate that the art disappears, it’s impossible to see all of any one artist unless their work is online. As a collective force, we can try to get a wider sampling of artists from around the world, not just SF.

Being a part of the process doesn’t require one to steal. We also encourage more and new stickers to be put up art in any city. As long as it doesn’t do any harm (like blocking a road sign) we don’t see a problem.