John can be contacted by leaving a message on any of these pages in the reply box at the bottom.

If you would like to e-mail him directly (and privately), please do so at:

JohnHenifin AT gmail DOT com

11 Responses to Contact

  • monkijuice says:

    Thank you for having my stickers in your video. They were old ones but thanks anyway. Keep it up.

  • August says:

    Hey my name’s August and I find what you’re doing incredibly interesting and I love the whole idea. I have been photographing and stealing stickers in San Francisco for about the past three years and have built up quite a collection of mostly photos. I’d love to share them with you so please email me as soon as you can!

    -Fellow street art documenter.

  • Obit says:

    Come to London, I’ll give you some great stickers. Then I’ll punch you in the cock for stealing street art, then I’ll punch you in the cock again for your fashion sense then I’d probably kick you in the bollocks for that beard. As a parting gift I’d probably punch you in the cock a final time just because it’d make me laugh.

    Let me know when you wanna meet up :)

  • a sticker artist says:

    Get a life, asshole.

  • The sound of the truth says:

    Slaptaggers hate you and don’t say shit like that!!! Steal is bad in every way and if you want to be helpful put your hands in your ass while you see a sticker, and admire it at least. If people want stickers they should by them and not pay you to steal them! We put a lot of hours, passion and money into this and you ask for money???? Are you serious?????? Go fuck yourself, douche.

  • bishop joey says:

    great project. keep it up. maybe you’ll archive a st stupid sticker one day. as seen in VIGALANTE VIGALANTE. see you at the parade?

  • Arlice says:

    Hey there!

    I met you a while back when my good friend Heather was in town, we ended up having a semi- successful adventure in frisco together, going to art stores and starbucks. I just found your card in one of my jackets so I figured I’d leave a lil’ message and say hello. Hopefully I’ll get to see you again one day!


  • Loren says:

    Hi John,

    Great to meet you last month while walking outside on the first night of APE. Great site!


  • Wil Gonzalez says:

    Great to have met you at Tony’s in Mendocino County. Love the work you are doing. Sweet man.

  • mary anne says:

    Greetings from sunny York in the old U K .. You sound a real nutter and as the world could do with as many as possible, I thought I would send you a little encouragement! I have a similar project going here … similar but not quite the same … and it is interesting for me to see how you do things. I try and confine myself to just one copy of each sticker design and so accumulate quite a few spares. If the occasional packet of my cast-offs would be of interest I would be happy to swap a few though I would need a snail-mail address for you. I do not have any of my “collection” on the computer for you to see … ( I am not keen on computers and this e-mail is something of a rarity!! ..) but I have photo copies and such. In any case I wish you success. Keep up the good work and pay no attention to the rather aggressive comments that have been left on your site. Cheers

  • Shelley Rewolf says:

    Hi i was like you back in the 90s in SF with my scraper blade! I can so relate! I stopped stealing stickers, but in the year my love for them has rekindled! Now i just take pictures of them & post them on Instagram! You can follow me at @rewolf1945 to see all the slaps ive flicke in the last year!

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