Upcoming: Scans of sticker collection from 2012-09 until the present (yes, I’m still collecting).


2015-04-09: Added 45 stickers to the Friends Of page. All of the new sticker scans were meticulously edited in Photoshop.

2015-04-02: Started on outline & research for StickerStealer book.

2014-12-15: Added 151 stickers to the Friends Of page.

2014-10-29: Added the in-depth article about and John R. Henifin in San Francisco University’s school newspaper, featured as a cover story.

2014-10-24: Added August of 2012 to the Sticker Collection page.

2014-10-17: Added July of 2012 to the Sticker Collection page.

2014-10-15:  Massive Update to the Friends Of page. 574 new sticker scans.